Who We Are

Executive Mentors offers one-on-one mentoring with highly regarded and established business executives. Our retired and semi-retired mentors have the experience and wisdom to advise entrepreneurs who are developing their companies, individuals who are developing their careers and organizations that are implementing a mentoring program.

If you answer yes to any of the following questions then please consider how our mentors can help you.

• Are you frustrated that others are being promoted as your career stalls?
• Do you have a great product or idea but no business plan or strategy?
• Have you found that ideal mentors are inaccessible or too busy?
• Would you like to be perceived as a leader in your organization and industry?

Our mentors:
• Have attained senior executive positions in their organizations. Unlike coaching organizations, that emphasize psychology and emotional intelligence training, we offer hands-on business expertise.
• Are retired or semi-retired. Our mentors have the time to mentor and offer an entire career perspective through to retirement and succession planning.
• Are paid for their time. Our programs are business contracts and not casual mentoring programs.
• Offer objectivity and independence that a friend or colleague cannot provide.

Strategic Partnerships

Executive Mentors Inc. and Women of Influence Inc. (http://womenofinfluenceinc.ca/)  are pleased to introduce a unique partnership that provides mentoring services to address the challenges that women face in the workforce. Women of Influence Inc. produces inspiring, informative and celebratory events designed to advance and connect women in business.
  Women of Influence
  Each of the original programs serve to fill the gap for women looking for mentors, looking to connect with like-minded individuals on their path to success, or looking for unique corporate entertainment among their peers.


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