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When asked about the secret to their success many businessmen and women will refer to a mentor, or mentors, as an essential component of developing their business or career. There are certain factors, such as luck and intelligence, that are beyond the control of the individual. However hard work, perseverance and guidance are traits that the individual can control. Executive Mentors offers a solution to those entrepreneurs and managers who are seeking guidance in developing their business or career.

Executive Mentors provides the business community with a resource when confronted with the many challenges of managing a business or developing a career. Often these challenges cannot be solved by reference to a textbook or manual. Rather than the trial and error approach to addressing these matters we offer a host of mentors, drawn from a variety of industries, who find themselves with the time, experience, wisdom and willingness to mentor others. Many successful individuals find it useful to have more than one mentor at the same time or during different stages in the life of their business or duration of their career. Executive Mentors will guide you in identifying your requirements and selecting the appropriate mentor to address your needs.
Why do I need a mentor?

• Would you like a second opinion from someone who shares your background?
• Have you been assigned a new role and need an impartial advisor who has seen it all?
• Do you find that ideal mentors are inaccessible or too busy?
• Do you find it difficult to meet people who are in the same situation as you?
• Would you benefit from speaking with an established executive from your industry?
• Do you have a great product or idea but no business plan or strategy?
• Are you concerned about the next level of growth for your company?
• Do you require advice on such technical matters as acquisitions, financing or valuation?
• Do you understand your company’s financial statements?
• Do you require advice with composing your Board of Directors?
• Are you struggling with attracting, developing and retaining the right mix of employees?
• Would you like to be perceived as a leader in your organization and industry?
• Would you like to develop your critical thinking and presentation skills?
• Do you wish you could develop your networking skills?
• Are you frustrated that others are being promoted as your career stalls?
• Is time management a concern for you?
Why does your organization require a mentoring program?

• Has your organization identified a number of superior performers that require guidance
in their career and opportunities for growth and development?
• Does your organization need to relieve busy executives from the burden of mentoring its
• Has your organization concluded that it costs more money to hire people than to develop existing employees?
• Are the employees of your organization seeking independent mentors in order to
provide additional assurance that confidentiality will be respected?
• Is your organization considering mentoring services as part of a severance package for
departing employees?
If you have answered yes to any of these questions then please click here in order to identify an ideal mentor to address your concerns.
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