Our Mentors

Our mentors are retired or semi-retired executives with many years of experience in a senior management or ownership role. Retired executives have experienced the various stages of developing and managing their careers or businesses through to retirement and successions planning. Often a mentor will have the answers to questions that the client has not thought to ask.

Mentors can play an important role in developing competencies in topics where a client has limited experience.
   Our mentors possess a variety of business skills, such as:

  • Building self-confidence,
  • Providing an impartial second opinion,
  • Enhancing presentation, leadership and marketing skills,
  • Developing networking skills in order to establish business contacts and expand business relationships,
  • Identifying why your peers or subordinates are being promoted ahead of you,
  • Balancing responsibilities by applying time management techniques and critical analysis,
  • Defining and implementing a business strategy,
  • Attracting, developing and retaining employees,
  • Advising on technical topics to address shortcomings in knowledge or experience,
  • Preparing and presenting financial statements,
  • Analyzing the financial results to advise on operational and capital allocation decisions,
  • Attending significant events such as negotiations with investors,
  • Advising on the format and composition of a Board of Directors.
Our mentors are drawn from a variety of industries and backgrounds. The significant attributes of our mentors are that they:

Are professionals and have, during their careers, attained the most senior executive
  roles in their organizations,
Are represented on a number of Boards of Directors and Advisory Committees,
Maintain an interest in their community, both professionally and personally, and are
   well-regarded by their peers and associates, and
Are willing to share their experiences so that others can profit from their wisdom.

Please scroll through the biographies below in order to identify the mentor most suitable for your needs:

David H. Atkins

A career encompassing leading a professional industry group internationally, membership of the executive of a leading accounting firm, and advising clients on financial reporting and mergers and acquisitions.
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Claude Bastien

Well rounded business executive who has successfully managed and led small, medium and large organizations.
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John K. Bell

An entrepreneurial career that has seen him commence, operate and eventually sell companies in automotive parts and recycling technology. A member of several Boards of Directors including: automotive parts, telematics, private equity...
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Murray G. K. Davidson

Senior Executive role as Chair of an Investment Management firm, with private equity investments in utilities, consumer products, advanced technology, PCDs, medical devices, and consulting businesses...
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Hans G. Berger

Accomplished business executive with a proven performance record in building successful organizations and companies.
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Julia N. Dumanian

An experienced, professional and proven President & Chief Executive Officer with a unique capability as a visionary and inspirational leader. Selected as Canada’s Hospital Leader of the Year (2007/08)...
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Lakis Georgiou

Entrepreneurial and highly resourceful executive coach, board director/advisor and business strategist. CEO and Director of one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies for 18 years.
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Paulette L. Kennedy

Senior Finance roles in the financial services and food services industries in risk management, financial reporting and internal audit functions. Experienced the challenges of Canadian international businesses operating in varied...
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Henry L Kutarna

An outstanding record of business leadership as President, CEO and Chair roles that resulted in significant business success stories
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James S. Locker

Successful and seasoned executive with over 30 years of senior management experience in manufacturing, distribution and sales...
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Gerald A. Lokash

Versatile and accomplished business professional, senior insolvency practitioner, enterprise consultant and owner with multi-industry experience in the areas of...
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Timothy Macdonald

Accomplished senior executive with extensive executive management, sales, and human resources experience..
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Deborah C. Sawyer

Over 30 years of business experience, primarily as an entrepreneur. Started own firm in Canada in 1979 and, in 1990, set up an affiliated corporation in the US...
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Garth Sheane

Held executive positions in finance, operations, and as Chief Executive Officer in financial services industry, credit union sector...
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Gordon M. Simpson

A professional executive with sales, marketing and merchandising experience combined with general management training and experience...
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Peter D. Vanexan

Many years of experience in distribution, manufacturing, sales management, the retail sector, office products distribution and pulp and paper in unionized operations as well as franchised operations...
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